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Admin Dashboard, Export to Excel and/or more Functions...

Question asked by Adrian Velazquez on Dec 18, 2012

I just begun installing 2013 in some of our Workstation, and I must say I'm loving the CAD Admin Dashboard, and it has so much potential:


-Export to Excel

-More Filter Control

-More Colors or Flag options. To ID which Users need Upgrates.

     -Sensor to count how often User hit the System Low on Resources Warning.

-Sensor to Flag X number of Crashes per week( or month).

-Sensor to ID which User Settings Shouldn't be Changed.

-Ability to Create Custom Columns/Fields

     -Laptop or Desktop

     -System Purchase Date



This is just some things that came to my mind after a few hours of playing with it. Maybe it already does some of this (please let me know).