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Question asked by Jim Sculley on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by Jeff Sweeney

We have a project out in the field coming up in which we will not be able to access our vault to make changes to files.  What is a good method for handling this situation?  I was going to set up a vault view on a thumb drive and get the latest version of all the relevant files and then switch to offline mode for the field work.  Two problem arose:


1.  After getting the latest vesion of files, nothing shows up in offline mode.  If I switch back to online mode, and try to get latest version again, the version tab still says 'No Local Version'.  Is it not possible to put a vault view on a thumb drive?


2.  Even if I could see the files, I do not know which ones will need changes.  In order to work on them in offline mode, they have to be checked out.  I don't know which ones may change, and some files are shared across projects so I cannot simply put them all in a state where they can be checked out.


Should I just use 'Copy Tree' and let the field guys make changes on copies and keep track of every file they touch so that it can all be synched up when they return from the field?


I was hoping there was a more elegant EPDM way to do this.


Jim S.