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    Eric Henderson

      I've taken the CSWP and passed Segments 2 & 3 but am having a problem with Segment 1.....specifically questions 5 & 6 with one particular cut. Is someone out there willing to help me figure this thing out? I know we probably can't openly discuss specific problems on the forums so if you need to, we talk talk offline. Thanks!

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          Eric Henderson



          My problem has to to with the revolved....or extruded.....or combination cut on the shorter cylinder. I've tried every way I can think of and I can't get it to work without somehow messing with the "bridge" in the middle. Help.....

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            Adrian Williams

            Hi Eric.

            The CSWP is meant as a test of your ability.

            If you can't do it, you're not ready. Go away and practice until you think you can, then try again.

            I know you're asking for help to do just that, but it's based on stuff you should know anyway.

            I sat mine about 18 months ago and didn't find anything flash, fancy or clever in the test.

            A little advice:- Make sure you have two screens and time alone to sit the test.

            I passed after resitting one part as I sat my test during the working day while colleagues were asking me about things, so I ran out of time...

            Better luck next time.


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              Todd Becker

              Hey Eric,


              I gotta agree with Adrian.  I just took the CSWP test on Monday of this week and passed Segments 1 & 3.  I have been practing on the (2) questons that I missed on Segment 2. I come to find out that I must have been a mutton head when i took the test.


              Based on your description, I had the same part to model on my test. I will share this with you, if you modeled your part with good DESIGN INTENT, your problem will go away.


              Take the problem and practice, practice, practice.



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                  Eric Henderson

                  I'm pretty sure its the ORDER of the features that is giving me the problem. I basically create the 2 cylinders first then the "bridge" between the 2. Towards the end I create the cut that is giving me the problem and have to re-order it. So if I create that cut early then suppress it, it should work?

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                      Deepak Gupta

                      Make sure there are no parent-child relations while you're reordering the features or suppressing them. Best way to model is go thru all the questions and plan your design intent accordingly.

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                        Jerry Steiger



                        I know nothing about any of the exams, but I doubt that SolidWorks would set up a test that required you to reorder your feature manager or to create a cut and then suppress it. I believe that is the kind of workarounds that truly knowledgeable users aren't supposed to need.


                        Jerry S.

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                            Eric Henderson

                            Well I retook Segment 1 of the CSWP and passed it with flying colors......100% with about 40 minutes to spare. I am now a CSWP!!! Thanks for the help guys. And Jerry.....I did have to reorder a couple of steps in some of the tests. I'm not sure if that's how the test is designed but it worked for me.