Matthew Fortune

Toolbox Feature Request "Printable hardware list"

Discussion created by Matthew Fortune on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by Matthew Fortune

I would like to request that Solidworks adds the ability to print the Toolbox hardware list.  I know this would be a rarely used option but my company has decided to start using the toolbox and has tasked me with filling in all the information.  So it would be nice if I could remove all the hardware we don't use which ofcourse I currently can then print up everything and find out what is missing part numbers, take that document to the shop floor and be able to write in the missing information then return to my desk and fill it all in.  Futhremore it would be nice to have this list so non solidworks people at the company could have a matching list of hardware and part numbers.   Another option could be to export it into an excel sheet if direct printing it to much of a hassle to set up.