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AddUser2 not working as expected, or I'm doing something wrong.

Question asked by Benjamin Abshire on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by Michael Dekoning



I am trying to add a new user to EPDM using the API call AddUser2. The source code I'm using is directly from the 2012 API_GB.chm help guide and is repeated below. When I try to run the code I get an "Access is Denied" error at the userMgr.AddUser2 call in the CreateUser sub. I have created several test vaults and configured them to use different Login methods (and to make sure I hadn't enabled/disabled some permission in existing vaults) but nothing I do seams to alleviate this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or sample code that works for them? Other pertinent information: I’m using Visual Studio 2010, building a .Net 4.0 assembly, and referencing PDMWorks Enterprise 2012 Type library (COM) version 5.15. Thanks for your help.


Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

    Dim Vault As EdmVault5

    Vault = New EdmVault5

    'Log into Vault

    Vault.Login("admin", "password", "test_vault")


End Sub


Private Sub CreateUser(ByVal vault As IEdmVault11)
On Error GoTo ErrHand

  'Get the interface of the user manager
  Dim userMgr As IEdmUserMgr7
  userMgr = vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_UserMgr)

  'Create an array with the users we want to add (just one in this case)
  Dim users(0) As EdmUserData2
  users(0).mbsCompleteName = "Ronald Smith"
  users(0).mbsEmail = ""
  users(0).mbsInitials = "RS"
  users(0).mbsPassword = "secret"
  users(0).mbsUserData = "Some arbitrary string"
  users(0).mbsUserName = "rsmith"
  users(0).mlFlags = EdmUserDataFlags.Edmudf_GetInterface
  Dim perms(1) As EdmSysPerm
  perms(0) = EdmSysPerm.EdmSysPerm_ModifyToolbox
  perms(1) = EdmSysPerm.EdmSysPerm_ModifySearchForms
  users(0).moSysPerms = perms

  'Add the users
  userMgr.AddUsers2(users) ‘Error occurs here

  'Check errors
  Dim msg As String
  msg = ""
  Dim idx As Integer
  idx = LBound(users)
  While (idx <= UBound(users))
    If users(idx).mhStatus <> 0 Then
      msg = msg + "Error creating user '" + users(idx).mbsUserName + "' - " + vault.GetErrorMessage(users(idx).mhStatus) + vbLf
      msg = msg + "Created user '" + users(idx).mpoUser.Name + "' successfully. ID=" + CStr(users(idx).mpoUser.ID) + vbLf
    End If
    idx = idx + 1
  End While

  vault.MsgBox(Me.Handle.ToInt32, msg)
  Exit Sub

  vault.MsgBox(Me.Handle.ToInt32, vault.GetErrorMessage(Err.Number))
End Sub