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Create an editable surface from an external point file

Question asked by Gregory Page on Dec 17, 2012

For wing design I need to be able to create a surface from an external point file and keep the points editable so that small changes to the surface may be made without having to re-create parts made from and mated to the surface. 


I am able to use the ScanTo3D curve wizard to import an IBL file containing points in curve sets that define the desired surface shape.  So far I have not found a way to get SW to read the IBL format correctly so SW tries (in this example) to make a closed curve even though the IBL specifically notes it is open.  I can use the split curve function to move break points to the correct location to make a closed (not open) square transition at the open/aft end which is ok, but I really need it to read the file correctly so I don't have to hand manipulate what can be 10-30 curves..


What is more essential that I can't find is a way to be able to go back and (using cut/past functions) edit one, several, or all of the points for slightly different dimension values once the surface has been created and have it automatically re-fit the surface to the modified points. 


Tech help has said SW can't do this simple and essential function (it's a snap in Pro-e, but it took me years to find a Pro-e tech support person who knew that it could actually do this) so I'm hoping someone here knows how.


I'll attach a sample IBL file for you to play with.


Thanks - Greg