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    How to obtain a clean transition from 'Student' to 'Commercial'

    Timothy Hendel

      I just installed the commercial version of Solidworks last week and had the educational version on my computer before that.


      I spent last friday working on two new part files.  Come monday morning, I open up one of those files and low and behold, it says it is for eductational use only.


      I performed a clean uninstall of the educational/student version.  But supposedly it does not get rid of your template files, which carry the student watermark.


      So, I went to Tools > Options > File Locations  and deleted all of the path links.


      I also went into my Program Files/Solidworks folder and deleted the templates.


      This seems to have worked.  Now when I create a part, it doesn't show the student flag.


      However, I do not want this to ever happen again.  I cannot afford to lose another 8 hour work day, due to this educational version flag popping up.  My designs are sent to the final user/customer and I cannot have these flags attached.


      I do not feel very confident that I removed all the remnants of the student version from my computer, and I do not want to reformat my harddrive to get that assurance.


      Can anyone please tell me everything I need to do to completely purge the student version and all its files from my harddrive.  I am willing to reinstall the commercial 2013 software again, if I must.


      I do not have any customizations on my current 2013 Standard version installation.  No settings, no icon rearrangement, no custom templates.  So there is nothing I need to save.