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    Graphics after isolate

    John Ferullo

      Often after exiting Isolate on a large assembly the graphics come back as shown attached. Solidworks believes the parts are in the right place evrything returns to normal with a rebuild but not a redraw. Has anyone else seen this?




      SW2012 x 64  SP5

      System Manufacturer: Other (not a known system vendor) (actually it is an HP with a 6 core AMD processor)
      System Model: Other
      Card Manufacturer: ATI Technologies
      Card Model: FirePro V4800
      Your Current Driver:
      Diagnostic Results: Your graphics card is supported and the driver is up to date.


      assy after isolate.jpg

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          Frank Krockenberger

          Yes, it happens to me every once in a while,

          Rebuild does put it back.  I have not narrowed it down yet what is causing it.




          SW 2012 sp2.0





          It is/was happing to one of my assemblies.  I think I stopped it but I am still testing it out.

          It could of been happening due to what I was doing but I am not 100% sure.


          Edit a part, offset faces (0.0) from a maiting part.  I broke the external references and as of now it has not happened.

          The blue faces are the offset surfaces from another part.