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    Rotating the model problem

    Bob Bob

      I will try to discripe the problem as best I can.

      When rotating the model either with the middle button or the rotate command in the menu a small window opens like a letter slot after picking a rotate point or edge or surface.

      There you can see the model rotating I then have to stop and wait for the model than I am working on to move.

      I have tried changing the mouse (intel and logitech) and the video card (ATI FirePro v4800 & v5800 also PNY Quadro cards) and still the same problem.

      I build a new computer every 18 months or so, all with good gaming parts and a workstation videocards.

      The last three I used a OCZ Revo PCI harddrive thinking the speed would fix the problem, the harddrive did wonders for Solidworks but still the same rotating problem.

      After so many different computer configurations and versions of Solidworks I am getting use too it but it still is annoying.

      I don't recall Windows XP 32 bit giving me this problem, that I am having with Windows 7 Ultimate & Pro 64 bit or Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

      Thank for any help.