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    Simulation concerned

    Lalit Sahu

      I don't get exact stress & displacement plots required in a tensile testing of a simple plate. When I apply tensile load through UTM machine, i get different result in comparison to static tensile load testing in solidworks. Is there any way to determine breaking load of same plate through tensile test in solidworks?

      Please reply me as soon as possible!!!!!

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          Ryan Noble

          Can you provide a litte more detail about what you're looking for? Screenshots or models?

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            Phil Perlich

            Assuming that you are testing the plate until it breaks, you will have to do a nonlinear simulation to account for yielding prior to the break.

            Simulation will not show the material breaking, but if the stress exceeds the known tensile stress of the material that means it broke.


            As ryan said, screen shots would be very helpful. Also, the most crucial part of any simulation is to properly define the boundary conditions and loads.