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    Knit Surface Edge

    Vicki Leach



      I'm not new to Solidworks, but I've only recently started modelling with surfaces to get something more free flowing.


      I'm trying to model up a chair seat using surfaces for each of the panels. What I want to do then is offset the surface to create a thickened geometry which would be the upholstery foam. However each time I offset, there are gaps in the offset surface and I have been filleting them to try and gain the smoothed surface between all edges. What I'd rather do is have the edges join when offsetting then fillet the edges afterwards.


      Basically I don't know how to do this and can't make head nor tail of some of the other posts. I think I need an idiots guide.


      I've attached what I've done so far. You can see my edges are starting to get really messy. There's probably an easy way of doing this.. I just need help!

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          Mark Kaiser

          How about this:


          1.  Knit your first 4 chair surfaces into one surface (right after your surface fill 5).


          2.  Fillet the edges where the 4 surfaces join.


          3.  Offset the entire resulting surface.


          Would've posted an example file but I don't believe we're on the same SW version (what SW version are you working on?).

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              Vicki Leach

              I'm using a 2009 version.


              After a little playing about, I've managed to do it! Thank you.


              The fillet surface option wasn't working because I had ticked the gap control option when knitting. Then once I'd knitted the fillet and surface together, the offset wouldn't perform at 90mm.


              However the Thicken option has worked a treat!


              Thanks so much for your quick reply and easy idiot proof answer.

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                  Vicki Leach

                  I'm having to revisit the design of this product to suit production methods.


                  I've rebuilt the geometry and now I've come to a bit of a road block for some reason. I'm looking to thicken the knitted and filleted surface to 90-100mm, however it won't thicken any more than 60mm.


                  I've tried thickening each surface seperately and it doesn't seem to go any more than 70mm either.


                  Any help on the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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                      Jerry Steiger



                      The sides of your chair get a little strange near the top, where they meet the back. At your 60 mm thickness, you can see that the wall added by the thickness is getting a crease that runs from the lower end of the 3D Sketch radius. (Turn on the Curvature Display, View/Display/Curvature, to see it more easily.) I suspect that is leading to your difficulty. You might try using Splines rather than radii to join your straight edges. You might also try using Boundary Surfaces instead of Fill Surfaces. I think this will require you to add the "missing" edges on your 3D Sketch.


                      Another way to see what is happening is to offset the individual surfaces by 100 mm.


                      Jerry S.