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Shaping Aerodynamic Body

Question asked by Cme Root on Dec 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by Rick McWilliams



I would like to build the most aerodynamic shape i can get around the structure of the cabin of an aircraft i am designing. So,  i was thinking in solidworks do it for me automatically for me, not show me the results of the study and i change it myself by re-sketching, but solidworks automaticaly re-sketch the shape/surface for me.

I saw the tutorial of a co2 car design at where they did an aerodynamic body re-sketching manually, but i would like that solidworks shows me drawing/sketching a new surface.




1- Sketch a blank outside rectangle (the cabin surface/body) - SW will modify

2- Sketch another retangle INSIDE the previous retangle representing the structure limits.


3- Now, tell solidworks to modify the outside retangle creating an aerodynamic surface AROUND the inside retangle, respecting the space of the INSIDE/STRUCTURE retangle.


Can we do this?