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Help on Simulation (first time user)

Question asked by Sk Ng on Dec 13, 2012
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I would like to do a simulation study on the attached assembly file. i am not sure with some of the features in the simulation study tab. From the tree diagrams, you can see that i have inserted an external force on the flooring of the lower deck. I have also created a fixed geometry on the inner surface of the 4 padeyes (not sure if it is the right thing to do). After which, i went ahead with the meshing (completed) but failed to run the analysis due to a pop-up "Please define bonded contact sets between beam and solid/shell". I am not sure what is the definition of beam and solid/shell. Are all structure members created by weldment called beam? I am also quite confused over the materials being used for my study. I have already define 2 different materails in the model tab for my assembly. However, the simulation study seems not to be able to so-called accept the 2 different material so for now, i am actually using one material for the whole assembly which is apparenetly inaccurate (i use the inferior material for the whole assembly though). As i tried searching in the internet, i understand that the mesh type for my simulation is a "mixed mesh". Therefore, i have to manually go into contact sets to define some of the connection type. I tried selecting automatically find contact sets and selected all my components (as well as checking "find contacts with the rest of the assembly") but the same pop-up error accurs prompting me to define bonded contact again. I will appreciate much if someone can help. Thanks in advance!