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External References in Mirrored Weldmants

Question asked by Nicholas Martin on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by Nicholas Martin

Ok so im running into a issue where as my hole callouts for a mirrored weldment are not showing up.


my thread callouts on my weldment are not carrying over to the new weldment, (weldment 2) if i break all the links to the weldment, which i need to do in order to stop weldment 2 from updating according to weldment 1. im trying to save work because weldment 2 is complete if we do this instead of having to create a whole new weldment. weldment 1 stil needs to be updated with a few design items.


the threads are in the model but once i try to call them out in the drawing i just get a hole dia and depth. is there any way to unlink the two weldments but keep the thread callouts.