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Getting variable name from form

Question asked by Aj Jones on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by Aj Jones

I have a couple of small SolidWorks program I wrote in Each of them works fine and runs.  I then tried to make a program in that runs all of them.  So now there is a main menu form with different buttons that open different forms.  When the Enter button is selected on any of the forms, the corresponding Sub is called out.  Each program has its own module and each module has its own sub.


For some reason I cannot get variables from the forms the same way I previously did when the program was a single form with a single module with a sub.  The way I would get text from the form and set it as a variable in the module's sub was:


Sub Main1()


Dim Length As String

Length = Form1.Length.Text


End Sub


Now if I Click on the option in the Main Menu that opens Form1, fill out Form1 and hit enter, the enter button calls Main1, but the variable Length is never set now.  It worked fine when the programs were standalone, but now it won't and it is driving me nuts.


Does VB.NET do something different when you have multiple forms and modules?  Is there a different way I need to get the text from text boxes


Here is how the structure is set up:


Main Menu (3 Button options to select)



               Sub Main1



               Sub Main2



               Sub Main3