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    Unable to insert material from model

    Syarif Yahya

      Hello everyone,


      Currently I am facing problem with solidwork flow simulation 2012. Previously I used 2011 version and when my department switch the license to 2012, the solid material database for flow simulation 2012 is less than 2012. Several materials that I used from pre defined database 2011 are not available.


      I try to insert the material from the model and followed the step from the help file. However,when I click the insert material from model, the insert material from model is empty. No materials inside the box. I am very appreciate if someone can explain to me the proper way to insert the material from the model.



      Thank you.




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          Delphine Genouvrier



          You have several ways to define material properties.

          You can appply a solid material on a part using the Engineering database.

          Or you can import the material properties you applied in SolidWorks CAD into Flow Simulation (right click.Insert material from model). If the box is empty, it might be because you do not have any material properties defined in SolidWorks?





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              Syarif Yahya



              Thanks for the reply. As you said, I found that there are several parameters not defined in the Solidwork properties, as result i cannot import it for flow simulation.


              I was wondering if I could ask another question. Is there any difference between Solidworks for academic under stand alone license and under server license? Both of them are for academic use, but I found that the Engineering database between these license are different. The database for stand alone academic license has very limited materials.