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User cannot open file after it has been moved

Question asked by Sally Hoo on Dec 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by Sally Hoo

I moved a SolidWorks part file to a different folder in the vault this morning.  When a user later tried to open the file (he can see it in the new folder that I moved it to), he got the message in SolidWorks that the file could not be found, but the problem was that the filepath noted was to the ORIGINAL folder, not to the new folder.  Within the vault explorer window of the new folder, he can see it, change states, and check out, but as soon as he tried opening in SolidWorks, same message.  The version was confrirmed to be the latest.  On my computer (with both the admin account and my own user account), I can open the file just fine (but this was also the same computer) that I moved the file from. 


Any ideas why he can't access the file (why his computer is still looking for the old filepath)?