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    Linking cut list to drawing

    Jason Borden

      I would like to link the cut list of our sheet metal parts to our drawing templates or have an quicker way to generate certain values from the part to the drawing quicker.


      Of concern are:

      -Bounding box width and length (cut size)

      -Bend Allowance (set backs)

      -Bend radius


      I have figured out how to insert a bend table which takes care of bend radius and bend allownance but it seems there is not a way to keep it in the template? Is this correct? I would ultimately just like to have a nice solid template so these features are already configered.




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          Jerry Steiger



          You might also want to ask this question in the Sheet Metal forum.


          I have this vague memory that in the bad old days, one way to set up certain properties in your templates was to make a part with the proper properties, then delete the part before saving the template. The properties, or at least some of them, would be saved even though the part was gone. I have no idea if this trick would work for your issues, nor do I know whether this trick still works at all. For that matter, maybe it is a bogus memory and it never worked.


          Jerry S.