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Data Card - property links

Question asked by Nathan Halcomb on Dec 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by Jason Capriotti

Good morning - I have a custom property linked to a model dimension in my data cards, however, I want to add units of measure to the numeric value.  Its an odd property "Material Qty" that my company uses.  I know this isn't the most elegant way to do it but seems to be a step forward from what's currently in practice. 


For example, a 2x2 piece of tubing that is 36" long.  In the data card field, "MATERIAL QTY" I have "Matl_Qty@Matl_Length_Ref", which outputs 36.0 in my data card and my drawing.  I just need to be able to output a string of text, namely "IN", along with the numeric value.  Thank you in advance.