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    Data Card - property links

    Nathan Halcomb

      Good morning - I have a custom property linked to a model dimension in my data cards, however, I want to add units of measure to the numeric value.  Its an odd property "Material Qty" that my company uses.  I know this isn't the most elegant way to do it but seems to be a step forward from what's currently in practice. 


      For example, a 2x2 piece of tubing that is 36" long.  In the data card field, "MATERIAL QTY" I have "Matl_Qty@Matl_Length_Ref", which outputs 36.0 in my data card and my drawing.  I just need to be able to output a string of text, namely "IN", along with the numeric value.  Thank you in advance.

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          Jason Capriotti

          You could add another field to your data card called "Unit of Measure Length" and place it next to the Material Length property. This could be linked to a custom property in the model which can be pushed to the data card.


          If you want to actually append it, that's not so easy without custom programming. You can create another field on your data card "MatlLengthFinal", then build an input formula for it in the text box properties to combine the Material Length field and the Unit of measure box". The problem with this is that the material legnth that is linked to the model property will not update input formula on the data card unless you type in one of the fields.