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    PDF files and Drawing Layers

    Tim Ward

      When saving Drawings as PDF files im finding that the PDF files show overlaping lines and layers that dont match up.


      For example I could have some Tapped holes drawn in as hidden detail that are required to be on a specific layer that has its own specific colour. This all looks good in solidworks but the PDF file of this display's the drilled hole as hidden with correct layer, but the thread part of the detail shows as hidden but on a different layer/ different colour.


      Is anyone else having an issue with this?




      Tim Ward

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          Peter De Vlieger


          Try a different way of making PDF's. For instance : Pdfcreator.

          You'll see that it makes a difference.



          Even with other PDF solutions it still can have issues.



          SW layers can perfectly deal with different colored layers as long as you use the same color for them all.



          The worst thing i've ever seen was having different colors for different elements in PDF (even having different results between pdf's created in different manners), as well as being different in printed from DRW and having a different result when converted to DWG. None of them being the same as on screen. Or in other words, not being able to get it printed as it was viewable on screen.

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            Jaimie Pelino

            Wow, I feel guilty... saw this post while searching for the same issue, just thought it was a really old one, not todays :X


            I'm also having the same problem, but for eDrawings as well (which we use almost exclusively, for checks and approvals and whatnot). There isn't another way to save as an eDrawing that would work, is there?