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    Modeling Closed Loop Heat Exchanger

    Jeff Wagner

      Is it possible in floworks to model a closed loop recirculated plumbing system with a given volume of fluid. Say 15 gallons. Have this pass thru a heat exchanger and tell how long it will take to warm or cool the given volume of water?

      I know how to do a single pass heat exchanger simulation. But how do you set it up to have it take a given volume into account in a closed loop configuration?



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          Chris Michalski

          I would have to do some looking at past setups, but there are ways to make the inlet temperature dependent on outlet.  This way as your reservoir heats up it influences the water going in in order to mimic the closed loop. 


          You may need to use an energy balance equation to blend your newly heated weater with your reservoir to determine the average temperature (assuming sufficient mixing).