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Method to default newly inserted parts to "suppressed" in inactive Configurations?

Question asked by Dave Adams on Dec 11, 2012
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I'm working on a top-level assembly model for a highly configurable system. Most of the items are not compatible with each other, and so in most of the Configurations most of the models are suppresed. Due to the nature of the product, with requests coming in from customers for new configurations with even more new items, its becomg problemmatic to manage Configurations. When I add a new part, I have to go into every Configuration and suppress it where it doesn't belong.


I could switch to using a Design Table (which I will then have to edit). But I was wondering if its possible to change a setting in the top level assembly so that any inserted part or assembly defaults to the  "Suppressed"  state in other Configurations than the active one. I've looked throught the Options and I don't see anything that controls this.


Am I missing something?


Thanks In Advance

-Dave Adams