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Can you set a Unique Variable per File Type

Question asked by Aaron Duncan on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by Michael Dekoning

Hi There,


My situation is that I would like to be able to set Variable such that a variable called "Part Number" would be Unique in *.sldprt files, but could also appear in *.slddrw files, but once again be unique withing that file type.


This is because our meta data (configuration specific properties) have the part and drawing number in them.

  • So these end up in the Data Card for the part file.


These values are pulled from the part file into the drawing file and onto the title block.

  • So these values end up in the Datd Card for the drawing file.


When I try and set the variable Part Number to Unique, it clears it from the drawing file.


Is there any way to get what I want, or will I have to rely on my staff to not enter the same part number in two models or drawings?