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Problem W/ Equation in Assembly

Question asked by Rob Rabouin on Dec 11, 2012

I have already contacted my VAR about this issue - but I was just hoping I could confirm the issue with the whole SW community since this forum has proven to be much more useful then my VAR ever has.


This problem occurred in a very complex assembly, so for the purpose of discussion I have made a much simpler assembly to duplicate the problem. If you open the assembly, there is one part and one assembly sketch. The assembly sketch contains a horizontal and vertical dimension that drive the size of the part in the assembly. The horizontal and vertical dimension are driven by very similar equations.


The equation for the vertical dimension is: =INT ( 8 * ( "D1@Sketch1@PART A-1.Part" + 2.25 ) ) / 8 + .125


The equation for the horizontal dimension is: =INT ( 8 * ( "D1@Sketch1@PART A-1.Part" + 1.125 ) ) / 8 +.125


So other than the fact that one equation is adding 2.25 while the other adds 1.125, they are identical. Now the issue is that the vertical equation evaluates correctly to 5.75 however, the horizontal equation evaluates incorrectly to 13.625. Now if you take the 1.125 in the horizontal equation and change it to anything other than 1.125 (say 1.1249) then the equation evaluates correctly to 4.625. If you were to leave the 1.125 in the equation and instead change the .125 that is being added at the end of the equation to 1/8 then the equation will evaluate correctly as well.


Something like this frustrates myself and the other engineers I work with beyond belief. It seems that with every release of SW they manage to have some bugs with the equations. This bug with SW2013 SP0 and SP1 is just yet another slap in the face every time we upgrade. Problems with equations completely blow up our assemblies and we're left spending days trying to figure out what the root of the problem is when the assembly opens without any errors in SW2012 SP5. With each upgrade, we feel we should be keeping a log of issues like this and then back charge SW for the time we have wasted to get around them. It is even more frustrating just being told by your VAR that it is yet another bug and they will issue a SPR and then we have to play the waiting game to see if it will be fixed in each upcoming service pack.


I know a lot of other users on this forum are just as frustrated as we are. SW really needs to start focusing and releasing bug free major releases - and when I say bug free I mean that there should not be a single issue with any of the features that were present and worked perfectly fine in a past release. It's a real insult to the end users to have issues with equations with each release that are such a core feature of the software but meanwhile SW has been working on adding sound effects to the software. Seriously, they can spend a year adding sound effects but don't care that equations are screwed up yet again. Also, just as a sidenote, how did they miss the fact that when you open a file from windows explorer that it now minimizes/restores, the SW window and now you have to hit the maximize button again. (SPR 668036) How does this manage to get past them?


Sorry for the rant...