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Macro button: Link balloons to BOM

Question asked by Jan Willem Beckmans on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by Jan Willem Beckmans

Hi there,


I'm working on a macro where my end result should become the following:


Basically it's to bypass the clicking of:  RMB -> Properties -> 'Check' Link balloon text to specified table -> BillOfMaterials1 (or any other) -> OK-button

It's should become this: Select view -> run macro -> Select BOM from listbox -> OK-button


Longer explanation:

Let's say we select a view  in a drawing. The drawing is from an assembly, and all parts in it are explained in this drawing, on several sheets.

What I want is a macro to startup a form, with a listbox, which is filled with all Bill Of Materials in my drawing (multiple sheets containing multiple BOMs)

The user has selected a view, and can now click the BOM to which the view's balloon(s) should be linked to.


Add-on #1: If it would be possible, i'd like a checkbox to say : "For every view on this sheet, link to selected BOM"



Hope to hear from you.