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    "File Version Upgrade" issues

    Brian Endres

      I am running a test vault in order to convert our 2010 vault to 2012 (I know, we're a little behind, but that's just the way it is).  I thought that I had a good method to use the Enterprise "File Version Upgrade" tool.  First, I would convert all the part files, then convert the assembly files - drawings will just be ignored since they can be converted next time they are opened.


      Step 1 went very well, about 45K part files were split among three computers and were done in about 12 hours - not bad at all.

      Step 2 didn't go so well, I tried to convert the 10K assembly files between the three computers and about 8K files got skipped and, in the end, about 20K files were left checked out among the three computers.  As a side note, there REALLY needs to be a better way to bulk undo checkouts...  I spent a few hours undoing all these checkouts


      So, I decided on a different approach.

      Step 2a will be to convert all the assembly files on one computer - that's been running for the past 24 hours.  I just took a look at the vault and it seems that about 10% of the assembly files aren't even checked out?  I know that I selected the option to convert assembly files, how could that many files have gotten skipped?


      Does anyone have any other tips to share with the use of the upgrade tool?  Any success stories?  Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I really would like to get this working before we go live with our upgrade.  Thanks in advance!

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          Greg Rupp

          Hi Brian, I wish i had a success story, but unfortunately not so much. I will share my story though.


          This was the first upgrade of the vault (and files) since we implemented the vault. Now to be fair, when we implemented the vault, our data was a complete mess with broken references, various years of file versions etc. Only a small amount of files were "fixed" before we implemented.


          We did our upgrade in 2 phases. Phase 1 was upgrading all of the EPDM servers and clients from 2011sp3 to 2012sp4. This went pretty good. We had over 120 client installs, so we attempted to use SCCM to push out the install. All in all, that was pretty successful. I had a number of computers that had issues with E-drawings preview not working correctly, but that was remedied later on.


          Phase 2 was the toolbox upgrade, solidworks upgrade , and file upgrade phase. We did the "overright existing version - Latest version" option ; so I never had any check in/out issues. But I did learn a few things. If you use the toolbox, do that first. Then when you do the file upgrade, make sure you check the "do a complete rebuild" option. I did not do this the first time with the fear of it stirring up problems with broken references. Turns out, if you don't do a complete rebuild, drawings with multiple sheet may/will not display correctly. The solution for me was to rerun all drawing files with the rebuild option turned on. Also, make sure the machine(s) doing the upgrade are properly using the new toolbox or your will have other issues (we had some of those problems too). I would recommend double checking your file location paths in the options as well.


          When you are given the option for a comment, make sure you put some type of date or unique indicator. this will allow you to search for files that have been updated. This is even more important when you have run the upgrade tool multiple times.


          next is the issue I'm working on today. At some point in time files in the vault were REMOVED. What happened is the convert tool renamed the original file to bak_0_00000002 and then failed on the file convert. When it failed, it never made a new file and never put back in place the back up file. so now, when we try to get latest version on certain files, we get an error saying say the file is missing or not found on the archive server. As I type this, I'm running the "archive consistency" tool to track down all my issues. Not sure how this is going to pan out.


          My personal experience using the upgrade tool is not a good one. And here I am, 6 weeks later, still trying to resolve issues it created.


          OHH one more thing, sometimes it will look like solidworks is hanging while doing the convert. I'm not sure why but I found out that if I kill the adobe acrobat or adobe reader process in task manager, it would fix the hang. very weird qwik, but I tried it atleast a dozen times and it work each time.


          GOOD LUCK!

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              Brian Endres

              Just a followup to this one - we finally went and did the conversion and it wasn't all that bad.


              The "File Version Upgrade" works very well for doing parts - as I noticed from the testing.  For assemblies, I had to check out the entire vault of assemblies and use "SolidWorks Task Scheduler" to run the conversion then check everything bad in - a little bit painful but it's done.


              Glad we only do this every couple of years!

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              Russell Abraham

              My answer would be don't use it.

              I did a multiple machine upgrade of all our SW files from 2011 to 2012 and all sort of weirdness ensued.

              Drawings were missing views models became suppressed in assemblies.

              We ended up haveing to do a rollback on all the files that had been converted just to get the drawing back to a state were general viewers could print drawings.

              It was a complete nightmare. Good Luck

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                  Corey Vantilborg

                  I think the tool works pretty well but as others have noticed does a poor job on assemblies.


                  Furthermore it rebuilds the files, which means if there are any unlocked references you will have parts/assemblies changing.  This is my biggest fear.


                  We leave all our files unupgraded which has a performance penalty but ensure we have good data.


                  Corey Vantilborg