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Sailing Yacht Hull, Help getting right please

Question asked by Niall Mitchell on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2012 by Rick McWilliams



Im trying to reproduce in Solidworks a scale AC45 catamaran although I hope to be able transfer the same principle to other boats I have plans for.


So I started off by inserting the plans in scetches on the top and right planes. Then inserting 20 planes along the hull length at 50mm intervals and placing the hull cross sections on each of the planes. Finally I drew 4 3d splines along the length of the hull to use as guides.


My problems are that when I try and loft the hull is that the hull doesent come out looking all that smooth. Ive tried that a couple of times before and have tried manipulating the handles that are created with a varying drgree of success but still not anything like as smooth a transition I would like or occur naturally.


I then tried using the Boundry Surface Command which I find works better than the Lofted Boss/Base Command to produce the hull. However the results are still the same and not nearly as good as what I was hoping for.


Ive attached some screen shots and the model.


Would really appreciate some help with this , I have looked at the other posts and tutorials but they dont seam to cover what im trying to achieve. Im resonably skilled using the solidworks but have done very little in the past when it comes to surfacing.