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Archive Data Security

Question asked by Goran Dudukovic on Dec 11, 2012



We are in doubt about security of Archive Data files on host server.


Apparently, this is situation:

Two (competitive) company has access to the same host server where is located PDM Archive server and SQL server.

There are two PDM vaults for each company on this server. Each of this company must not see the PDM Archive data or project from each other.


After installation of PDM Administration Tool on client machine in each company we will run this tool in order to add „local view“ for PDM vault.

In order to do this we have to add host server and type the administrator password for this server.

Does this password save in windows registry or in another place on client machine where one experienced IT or SolidWorks Administrator is able to read this password?


If anyone know anything about this, please help?


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