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How do I cut a detail on an edge of a ring?

Question asked by Vernard Mercader on Dec 10, 2012
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So, I ran into some problem...


I have here is a ring, and an etching already wrapped around it using the Wrap -> deboss feature:




And then, I wanted to cut-through another sketch around the ring with this pattern:



I have done so, (unprofessional and crudely, I admit) using the wrap feature (and debossed using a depth just over the ring thickness - and it cuts through), and it resulted to this:



As much as it looks good, there's something missing—and it's not what I intended to happen.  The Top and bottom sketching seems to not have been "cut" through, obviously, because the wrap features isn't meant to do that.  What I wanted to happen was to have the whole pattern cut through the ring,


thus, instead of a flat top and bottom like this:



I wanted to cut through the top in a manner like this:



I've seperated the Top and Bottom Cut-throughs in case there are any other features I can use.  I was thinking of the Boundary-cut feature, but I seem confused on how to use it.  I think there could probably a way to do it without using Circle Sketches and then extrude/boss feature (which is used on this one).


I provided a work file SLDPRT, attached with this thread, in case anyone wants to play with it.


(I am just an Novice intern working on the company's SolidWorks 2011).  Thanks in Advance!