John Kreutzberger

2013 sp1 problem

Discussion created by John Kreutzberger on Dec 10, 2012

I contacted my VAR and gave them the error log when I had a problem with this update on Saturday. I was told it was error code 1603. I needed to uninstall SW, clean out the registry, uninstall the M$oft net framework programs and then reinstall SW. All went well today. Here is what I told him after I was done.



"Go ahead and close the ticket. The update to sp1 went quickly with no issues this time around. I want to share with you something that may be helpful to others. Last year I read on the customer portal that it was no longer necessary to disable your antivirus program during installation or updates if one had one of the approved antivirus products. I use Avast, and it is on the list. Therefore all my service packs for 2012 were installed without disabling my antivirus with no problems.


When I got 2013, I installed off the dvd 2 weeks ago without disabling my antivirus and had no problems then. The update I tried to do Saturday when I had the issue was also initiated with my antivirus program enabled. After uninstalling and clearing out the registry, I disabled my antivirus yesterday before re-installing off the dvd. Then just now when I did the update, I also disabled the antivirus before starting and all went as expected.


This may just be superstition, but I think I will always continue to do it this way from now on-no matter what I read on the website."


I understand that in a large company this may not be easy to do. However, I think if you can disable AV, it is still a good idea.