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    pressure of water on glass

    Steve Riley

      Hi all I am trying to make a fish tank and work out the force the water is causing on the bottom of the tank say if the tank was to be unsupported in the middle what kid of force this would be applying to that area of glass.


      The fish tank is


      23" long

      12" deep

      15" high


      the glass is 0.157" thick.


      How would one go about working this out please?.

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Steve: you can directly use the hydrostatic pressure equation because there is an option on the pressure loading dialog to vary the pressure according to depth. I believe it's an "advanced" option when you look in that pressure dialog. You can set up a reference coordinate system at the bottom of the tank, for example, and use that to vary the pressure from max at the bottom to zero at the water line. One equation can be used and you can select the bottom and side walls and it will correctly apply the pressure according to depth below the water line. Hope that helps!