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Calculated Cost in Custom Properties

Question asked by Todd Blacksher on Dec 9, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by Todd Blacksher


This happens EVERY time I open an existing part and attempt to change the value of my "Cost" custom property from the existing typed-in value to the SolidWorks variable "Calculated Cost".

Even if I delete the existing "Cost" custom property, and create a new one, I will get this error as soon as I select "Calculated Cost" from the pull down.

Works just fine in a new part.

Saw this intermittently in 2013 SP0.0 - See it every time now that i'm on 2013 SP1.0

I created a new costing template and moved the existing templates so that only the new template is available in the pulldown menu in the costing tab.


any ideas?