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Mirroring a multi-body sheet metal part and braking links

Question asked by Mark Hawley on Dec 8, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by Mark Hawley

I have made a 8 peice multi- body sheet metal part that is a Left side part.    I have modeled the Left with out any spacific left side features, only the generic features that both the left and right will share.   I now need to make a Right side version.    I would like to save the Right version as its own seperate assembly braking any links to the Left.   The reason for this is I need to add features to each side that are Left and Right spacific and edit some of the existing features (sheet metal thickness) between the two sides.    How do I do mirror this muiltbody part, and save the new mirroed part so its idependent?


I also would like to put each multi body part into an assembly, that I can start modeling aditional new parts top down to work with them.   I just need to maintain the ablity to brake the multi body part down into flat patterns for laser and forming.   To do this do I first make the Left and Right seperate multi body assemblys, then bring them each into one new assembly to start maknig the new non Left and Right parts top down with them?


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