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Crop view of section

Discussion created by Peter De Vlieger on Dec 7, 2012

Is it logical, sort off

Is it anywhere near user friendly, of course not.


Pictures this :

- make a section view that is not pure horizontal or vertical

- result is a view that is crooked, which you can straighten out but using" align horizontal edge". IF you're lucky it will not only be horizontal aligned but even right side up

- now if you want to make a crop view of it and you want to do that by using a rectangle then you'll noticed that your rectangle ends up being aligned according to the enternal x,z axis of the view and thus it's not horizontal.


and even then the edge of the actual crop is not parallel to the edge of the wanted crop


- you could try to just draw a rectangle by drawing the 4 sides yourself and making sure that they are ± horizontal and vertical and then making a crop of it but.... the end result is still tilted.




-so if I want to have that view cropped in a seemingly straight way I have to futz around with it so as to have a shape that is complimentary to the angle that it will use to actually  crop.


If there's something I'm overlooking I'm all ears.


If not.... for Pete's sake !


Could someone make it so that SW stops with offering a 3rd rate 2d solution for a supposedly 1st rate 3d package ?

Isn't it bad enough that making drawings at times is only barely less uncomfortable then having a root canal?

Do they have stock options in high blood pressure medicine or do they have shares in 'funny farms'?


Why must the program make it so that it takes more time to detail a drawing of the 3d model then it takes to convert it to Acad and detail it there? Even if taking into account that you later would be editing the chances in the 3d model all over again in the 2d acad version.