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Abaqus - Using beam elements and shells elements at same time, same node

Question asked by Aadil Iqbal on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by Aadil Iqbal

Hi there,


I know this is a solidworks forum, but since there's no Abaqus forum my only option was to post here.


I'm modelling a space frame chassis, inbetween some of the beam sections I want to apply surface shell sections - to create a sort of monoque but with the beams present.


Now I've done this but the beams seem to disappear when I apply the shell sections, almost as if they're replacing them. When I suppress the shell sections the beam sections reappear.


Is this just a case of rendering or are the beam elements actually gone? I spoke to someone who said you cannot have two different types of elements going through the same node - is this true?

I've tried meshing the whole thing and getting the error below


I've attached images for better understanding