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Need help sketching a wire

Question asked by Mark Bisson on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by Mark Bisson

Hey guys - fairly new to solidworks and I need some help

on modeling a part.

The process I started with was created revolved piece for

the top part of the wire, then a plane .05" below the top

plane that I could do a swept boss/base to after creating

the circular part of the wire on that plane.

However I was unable to do a revolved base on the

circular part as seen below..


I have also tried using the flex option to bend the wire in a manner that is close to the actual drawing.

The bottom part does not need to be exact to the drawing

as I'm just using this 3d model for an animation of an

overall project and this plays a very small part.

Let me know if I need to explain more as I understand

this could seem vague to some people.