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Solidworks 2012 performance issue under certain user logins

Question asked by Mack McDonald on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by Mack McDonald

Have an odd issue that I am hoping to get some help looking in the right area if not a whole solution.


We have a workstation that is a few months old and I was not happy with the performance of Solidworks on it, had our IT support check over the system and trying different things to see if the performance could be improved, and it was discovered that by logging in with different users, the performance will be different.  The issue that we are trying to resolve is while viewing drawings, there can be significant lag while rotating and moving diagrams.  Using my login, the lag is worst, choppy at best and pausing for split seconds at the worst, making it a slow process to work on new projects or modify existing.  The IT guys tried removing my profile from the system and having it rebuild from the server, but that made no difference.  They also tried having the solidworks profile in the regestry rebuild, and that made little difference as well.  We also have a new guy that started here a few weeks ago, and if he logs in he gets similar performance.  However with another user profile there is very minimal lag, and with the IT guys login the program runs perfectly.  It does not make a difference if the files are located on the network or local hard drive.


The workstation is a Lenovo Thinkstation C20

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

E5607 processor


Quadro 600 video


Any ideas on things to try would be greatly appreciated.