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    Taylor Herron

      I am looking to buy a netbook my only concern is that the video graphics card is not listed on the solidworks  spec page,    Integrated Radeon HD 6320 GPU with 80 shader units runs at 508 MHz, and up to 600 MHz in turbo mode

      Does anyone know if this netbook will run solidworks?

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          Jonathan Gamble


            Sorry, I can't say whether the netbook will run solidworks, but I can make a recommendation about a graphics card.  I have been running Solidworks on a Lenovo X220 Tablet for over a year.  The Integrated Intel HD graphics processor isn't listed as being compatible, so I am using an external display adapter.  I have an Nvidia Quadro 2000 mounted in a ViDock4 from Village Instruments (http://www.villageinstruments.com/tiki-index.php?page=ViDock).  The ViDock plugs into the tablet via the PCIe card slot.  I discovered recently that you have to make the external monitor the main display in wondows for SW to recognize that it is running on the NVIDIA card.  But once you do that, you get all the RealGraphics options just as if the card were mounted in the computer.


          Interestingly enough, I also discovered that I can use SW at home without the external display adapter.  It runs fine, but just doesn't have any of the RealGraphics options, so surface finishes don't sho up etc.


          Hope this helps!

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            Aaron Baumgartner

            i havent tried it on a netbook, but i run it on a samgsung slate7 tablet. however i only use the hul on it, nothing full time designing.

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              Mike Philipps

              Hi Taylor,


              I recently purchased an ASUS laptop, I7, 8 gig ram, win 7 with a nvidia 610 integrated video card. I run SW2012 on it, it is a little laggy, and some of the advanced photo features, views do not show up. But I use it for simple modeling and changing parts on the road, and it works fine.


              Maybe you can compare the Nvidia card against what you are buying?????