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    Report crashing

    Adam Wright



      Every time I try to generate a report from the simulations module in SolidWorks, it spends roughly 15 mins chugging away, before crashing. It seems to do this at the same point every time.


      I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and know why it’s happening?


      If so is there a way to fix this as it getting frustrating now. I didn’t have this problem with SW2012 just 2013.





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          Alin Vargatu

          Adam, is SW crashing when the report gets to about 18% - progress bar says "Currently writing: Assumptions"?


          If so, this is a possible solution provided by Knowledgebase:


          Please try the following, trying to publish a report after each change:


          1) Disable UAC (Windows User Account Control) completely then reboot

          2) Disable all add-ins

          3) Make sure the report path is a location on the local hard drive (this appears in the Report Options window when publishing a report)

          4) If none of the above resolve the issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling SolidWorks. In some cases, the link between SolidWorks Simulation and Microsoft Word might become corrupt or broken.


          Even better, send your VAR an Rx report showing the crash.

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              Adam Wright

              Hi Alin,


              the error always seems to occur at 24% whilst displaying "currently writing: model information" I followed the steps above except the last one of reinstalling SolidWorks as doing a full clean re-install takes around 4 hours these days.


              I have just gone back to try the same task in SW2012 and it seems to be getting to the same point and struggles to get any further without crashing.


              I didn’t notice a Solidworks resource manager flash a message indicating the resources are low. I ran a CPU monitor the next time I ran the report generator and it seems to be only using one of the 12 cores in my PC at around 99% usage for the 10 or so mins before crashing. I think the problem seems to be coming from the fact SolidWorks refuses to use multi-threading in an age where every other piece of software and PC seem to fully support multi-threading.


              I have dug out my old lap top that is still running SW2012 on windows XP on an old dual core platform; it is working its way through generating the report and is at 88% currently.

              The lack of the multi-threading abilities is the one thing that will sink SolidWorks. As our office has just replaced its entire PC collection with 12 core processor machines we are now looking at ending things with SolidWorks and moving over to inventor who already support this feature.

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                  Alin Vargatu

                  Have you considered opening a support case with your VAR?


                  As far as I know, there are SolidWorks modules which take advantage of multiple CPUs: rendering, drawings, simulation studies (direct sparse solver), CFD...

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                      Adam Wright

                      I have spoken with my VAR and they have turned around and said the opposite of your statement above.


                      He said "you would be better off buying a different PC with a bigger, faster single core. SolidWorks will not support multi-threading" which if this is true then SolidWorks will get left behind as large fast single core PC's are no longer manufactured as multi core PC's are more stable and work a lot quicker and more efficiently.


                      I never seem to get the two answers from the same question from any two people, it’s almost like everyone involved with or selling SolidWorks ether don’t know anything or are trained to lie about the software.


                      As you might be aware it’s beginning to annoy me a little. I can safely say I didn’t have half the number of issues with Autodesk as I have had with SolidWorks / Dassault.