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Dispatch for renaming export data (PDF, parasolid,...)

Question asked by Goran Dudukovic on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by Goran Dudukovic

Hi everyone,

We would like to create a dispatch for renaming of parasolid files which are generated with EPDM task.

This task runs with right mouse button on selected SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies.

Depending of workflow state of the SolidWorks files dispatch should rename the export files (parasolid, step,..) in different rules.

For example:

1. If the SolidWorks files are in the „Under Editing“ state the name of export files should be:  <SerialNumber of SolidWorks files>.<Quote>.<CreatedDate>.<extension> (P01200.Quote.11.10.2012.x_t)

2. If the SolidWorks files are in the „Approved“ state the name of the export files should be: <SerialNumber of SolidWorks files>.<Revision>.<extension> (P01200.A.x_t)

We have created the dipatch but there is a problem. If we run PDM task in order to create export parasolid file software worns us that this is not possible to rename this files.


This are all necessary steps for creating export files:

  1. Select files for conversion:
  2. RMB and choose the PDM task (Parasolid)


After this EPDM task will run. After creating of parasolid file disptach run but this will apear worning:


When we call this dispatch manualy (RMB) everthing works fine.

I have attached the necessary PDM data for this issue.


If anyone know how to solve this, please help?

Best regrads,