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    Printing Mylar Film

    Tim Neal



      I am printing drawings on to matte mylar sheets using a HP T610 Plotter. I am having issues with line quality and bleeding with certain line formats, namely thick dashed lines. I was wondering if any one has had similar problems or remedies to my situation?





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          Jeff Holliday

          Regarding the "bleeding with thick dashed lines" - I would suspect a problem with the printhead not lifting high enough to clear the mylar or maybe it is trying to print too fast.

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              Tim Neal

              Thanks for your reply Jeff. I have already tried allocating for quality and testing different paper formats (matte film, vellum, etc.). The issue only arises with dashed lines greater than the standard .0071" line thickness. Thicker fonts and solid lines have printed fine as well as standard thickness dashed lines. Additionally the plotter prints fine with normal paper although the line formats differ from Solidworks.

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              Howard Gibson



                  Are you printing on the emulsion side?  The matte side is emulsion.  The shiny side is not. 


                  Our HP plotter has a setting for drafting film.  Perhaps yours does too.