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    Open a .idw File

    Carlos Vela

      Hi community,

      how can to open a .idw file in SolidWorks?


      thanks a lot for you help.


      Best Regards

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          Jeremy Feist

          I don't see it in the list of file types in the open dialog. what  is it? an inventor drawing? can you have it saved as a dwg?

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              Carlos Vela

              Yes it is a Inventor drawing and i try the way to saved like .dwg file but the problem is when i will modify the part, the new settings does not have the relations with the drawing file so i need to do the process again.



              Do you know a other way?



              Thanks a lot for you last answer.



              Best regards.

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                  Rick McDonald

                  I have the same problem and have not found a way to do it.


                  I just convert the .ipt to a SolidWorks part (.sldprt) and then make a new drawing from the part.


                  It's a pain but if you don't have many annotations it's not that hard.

                  It would be nice if SW would add this feature since they already have the conversion abilities from other program to SolidWorks using Featureworks (add in feature of SW pro or above versions).


                  The conversion also works with SW Standard version - without needing FeatureWorks - if you have Inventor on your system - with a valid license.  It will do the conversion by just dragging the file into SW and it goes.