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    Hidden edges

    Wayne Traina

      Hi. When selecting edges to fillet I used to be able to pass my cursor across a face and the hidden edges would highlight at which time I could select them. They no longer highlight so I have to poke around in the dark so to speak until I find the one I'm looking for meanwhile if I miss then the face gets selected instead and I have to go back and delete it from the selection box.

      The other problem is almost the opposite. When selecting faces to mate it almost always selects a hidden edge instead of the face I'm hovering over. Very frustrating! Thanks

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          Jeremy Feist

          for the highlighting - I suspect this option got un-selected (there are cases of this happening without direct user input - specifically with 3Dconnection devices and some file-import operations)



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              Glenn Schroeder



              I thought I was the only one that was happening to.  That box started un-checking itself on my computer when I went to SW2012, along with the Options > System Options > Sketch > Over defining dimensions "Set driven by default" box.  I do have a SpaceNavigator, but I didn't know there was a connection.  Anyway, it doesn't happen very often, and I've learned what to look for.