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Failed to Add File error...

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by Brian Dalton

I have been trying to figure out why my EPDM installation still chronically wastes part numbers, and I have come across a puzzling situation:


We have an assembly (at least one that I've found) which is the top assembly of our primary product and which is routinely replicated using Save As Copy.  When I try to do this Save As Copy, EPDM creates the copy, assigns it a new part number, then gives an error dialog which says:


Failed to add file to vault

An unspecified error occurred


or words very much to that effect.  If I locate the <local file> that is created and manually add it to the vault, it goes in fine, but the system then assigns yet another part number to it.  Now I have a replicated assembly that has a file name from the first part number it was issues, but the variable and data card field for part number shows the subsequent part number.  Here's an example:


Original file:

     filename:          123.sldasm

     P/N variable:     123


New file after Save As Copy but failed to add:

     filename:          456.sldasm

     P/N variable:     456


New file after manually adding to the vault:

     filename:          456.sldasm

     P/N variable:     457


So I'm curious to see if anyone knows:


  1. Why would an otherwise perfectly normal assembly file consistently file to be added to the vault when doing a Save As Copy.  Parts don't have this problem and other assemblies I've tried also don't have this problem.
  2. Why does the system assign one P/N when the file is created and a second one when it is added manually.  Note that if the file is added successfully during the initial Save As Copy operation, the add step doesn't issue a part number.  It only happens when I have to add the file manually.


Thanks for any helpful ideas or information.