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    Failed to Add File error...

    Brian Dalton

      I have been trying to figure out why my EPDM installation still chronically wastes part numbers, and I have come across a puzzling situation:


      We have an assembly (at least one that I've found) which is the top assembly of our primary product and which is routinely replicated using Save As Copy.  When I try to do this Save As Copy, EPDM creates the copy, assigns it a new part number, then gives an error dialog which says:


      Failed to add file to vault

      An unspecified error occurred


      or words very much to that effect.  If I locate the <local file> that is created and manually add it to the vault, it goes in fine, but the system then assigns yet another part number to it.  Now I have a replicated assembly that has a file name from the first part number it was issues, but the variable and data card field for part number shows the subsequent part number.  Here's an example:


      Original file:

           filename:          123.sldasm

           P/N variable:     123


      New file after Save As Copy but failed to add:

           filename:          456.sldasm

           P/N variable:     456


      New file after manually adding to the vault:

           filename:          456.sldasm

           P/N variable:     457


      So I'm curious to see if anyone knows:


      1. Why would an otherwise perfectly normal assembly file consistently file to be added to the vault when doing a Save As Copy.  Parts don't have this problem and other assemblies I've tried also don't have this problem.
      2. Why does the system assign one P/N when the file is created and a second one when it is added manually.  Note that if the file is added successfully during the initial Save As Copy operation, the add step doesn't issue a part number.  It only happens when I have to add the file manually.


      Thanks for any helpful ideas or information.

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          Tim Read

          Probably because it is being assigned by the EPDM add-in in SolidWorks so that the file can be named according to the part number. Then, if it fails to add to the vault it is treating it as a new part and assigning a part number (from data card setting) - like copy paste directly into the vault.


          We removed this issue by NOT assigning a part number (serial) on the data card but by having an add-in that triggers on the first transition in the workflow (automated) to assign a part number IF it does not exist or IF it does exist but doesn't follow certain rules....

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              Brian Dalton

              Sounds like an interesting solution, Tim, but what really concerns me is understanding why a particular file would consistently fail to be added.  I feel like I need to have a handle on what might cause such behavior and whether we could avoid it by building our assemblies differently or something...

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              Brian Dalton

              Found the answer via a tiptoe through the KB tulips:


              SPR 619951:



              Save As of assembly containing internal components fails with 'Failed to add the new file to the vault. 'An unspecified error occurred.'.



              Reproduced using EPDM 2011 SP4, SW 2011 SP4, Windows 7 x64 & EPDM 2012 SP0, SW 2012 SP0, Windows 7 x64  Can repro on any assy with internal components. 1. Create new assembly, save. 2. Insert, new part (as internal component). 3. File, Save as, save fails adding assembly with error:


                   Failed to add the new file to the vault. Description = 'An unspecified error occurred.'

                   The saved assembly remains local and has to be added manually (RMB, Add to vault).