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Dimension extension underline

Question asked by Joe Gundel on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by Timothy Holman

I am sorry if this thread already exists but couldn't find anything relating to it. I have a dimension in a drawing, created from "Model Items" that has a strangely long extension line on it. We just switched to SW 2012 SP5 x64 and I never noticed something like this before (switched form 2011 SP5).

dim tail.jpg

The dimension I am refering to is the 1'-3 1/4" that is offset from the extension lines. All of the dimensions that are above the extension lines (like the 1'-4" dimension) look normal but from some reason the extension line that underlines the 1'-3 1/4" dimension seems to be twice as long as it should be. I have rearranged the dimensions for now but it makes the drawing look cluttered and would like to resolve this issue.


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