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Decal not rendering on opposite side

Question asked by JR Ryan on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by JR Ryan

OK I am pulling my hair out in frustration at this issue. I don't even know if anyone has even experienced this before or not. I am trying to apply a decal of my own design to the outer surface of a shelled transparent body. The decal shows up on the surface in solidworks, and when I rotate the camera view so that it is at the back of the part, the decal shows through the transparency, but when I render the part in photoview 360 the bits of the decal that are at the back dissappear.


Strange? Here's stranger - placing other objects in the scene behind the transparent component and they are rendered through the transparency perfectly.


Stranger still - if I use one of the stock decals from the decal library, it works perfectly!


I have tried exporting my (very basic) decal in a number of different formats from photoshop (jpg, png, bmp) no luck. I saved my decal in solidworks as a p2d, still no luck. I've tried using projection and label decal settings, no difference. I'm running out of options now!


Can anyone help? Has anyone had the same problem?


As you can see from the image below, the decal is visible on the front but not the back as seen through the transparent body.