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    Input for new workstation

    Daniel Gilliam

      Hello all,


      I am looking to get a new workstation. I design sheet metal chassis for rack systems and a lot of the times I populate the chassis with all the PCB boards and hardware to make a huge assembly, which the PC I have now lags really hard. I am not sure what my budget is from work yet but most likely under $3K. Should I be looking for the best processor, Xeon, i7... or more memory (running 20GB now), or is the graphics card my main focus. I do not render a lot of my models so that should come into consideration. We are running SW 2013 on Windows 7 64-bit now. I run 1 single 27in monitor but might upgrade to a dual 27in setup if possible. Just curious to see what others are using for their large assemblies that works for them. Thanks ahead of time.