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Interference Errors and mating preventing me from stress analysis with simulation

Question asked by Evan S on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by Evan S

Hey all,


really hoping I can get some help with this issue. I have made a simple structure. I have mated pretty much all faces possible and tried to ensure the distances were all accurate and no interference was occuring. I then went to simulate the structure under load, to get a stress analysis, however it tells me that there are three spots where interference is occuring. The structure is made up of various I-beams. The problem is that in three spots, I have mated the I-beams on one end, however cannot mate them on the other end because everything else is mated for accurate dimensioning. Although I have ensured the distances are accurate, and hypothetically these non-mated surfaces SHOULD be coincident and not interfering, it still says they are interfering and I cannot do my analysis.


I have attached a pic of my structure and highlighted one of the three beams that I am having trouble with. The two locations circled in red are surface mated, the third orange circle is the location that I cannot mate because it gived "over-defined", although the surfaces should be perfectly coincident due to my measurements. I have also cut the mated beam so that the faces that are mated are parallel for easy surface mating.


Hope I can get some help on how to get rid of these interference issues and perform the analysis on this structure! Thanks in advance.




mating issue 1 large.jpg