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How do you start your projects?

Question asked by Nico Van Gils on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by Peter De Vlieger



I'd like to do a little survey on how one starts best a project. (mostly an assembly)

This must be the first thing you should think of before designing anything. So probably a lot of folks struggle with this issue.

Even after taking the SW courses on assy's it is not very clear.


A few times I hit the wall with a design because it got bigger then I first intended to. Resulting in painfully slow working (click and wait 30sec)

Once over a certain point it becomes to difficult or even impossible to correct it and you better start over.


Some examples:


  • Started of doing a small piping project for an chemical company and ended up with an as built plan of the whole factory. --> made some mistakes with choosing directly parts instead of working with different assy's = a lot of errors in references when changing or deleting an item, sloooow on opening the project (although better with speedpak)
  • Made al large sheetmetal part as multibody (±150 parts) = slow on everything you do on the part, almost impossible to delete a part.
  • Steel structure got a little bigger then the client first asked.
  • ...


Maybe explain your method on the hand off an example in your own field of expertise.


Pointers on where to find more on this topic would be nice to.