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Copy/Paste AutoCad Direct To Solidworks Sketch

Question asked by Stewart McKay on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2020 by Clifton Schnarr

Been away from solidworks for a while. Currently using V2012 SW. Now, as I recall in V2009/10 I had no problems directly copying and pasting a group of lines/sketches directly from Autocad to Solidworks, it was extremely convenient. Now, its impossible, what happened? I dont want to have to save a drawing as I currently do to as a .DXF then open it in solidoworks, its too many steps and time consuming a real pain in the a$$, nor do I want to use draftsight, I have no use for the program and our client deliverable is Autocad...


I have a structural steel line diagram for a plant with 7 floors...i simply want to take each floor, make it a part, insert the line diagram into a sketch, and turn each line into structural members!!! Like I use to be able to do!


Does anyone have a solution? This is beyond frustrating!